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Meet the Grupo CreuBlanca

The healthcare group, whose headquarters are in Barcelona, ​​offers personalized and quality medical assistance, always betting on the most advanced technology in the country.

The group has 2 clinics, 5 consultation and diagnosis centres and an analytical laboratory, through the locations of CreuBlanca, Paracelso Sagasta and Teletest respectively and divided between Barcelona and Zaragoza.


Help our patients improve their health through early diagnosis and treatment of diseases in an agile manner.

We seek the best professionals and the best technology in the country, to promote research and development of new diagnostic methods.



We exist to offer exceptional services focused on innovation. We create a lasting company, and we foster a sense of pride and belonging among our employees.

Our vision is to be a benchmark in the private sector in medical diagnosis of diseases.


Excellence, research and development, teamwork, responsibility, health commitment, empathy, passion, vocation, well-being and community.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Fundación CreuBlanca, created in Barcelona in 1995, promotes its activity in different lines of work.

  1. Participation and collaboration in projects that promote healthy lifestyle habits.
  2. Health education and training.
  3. Scientific Research, Development and Innovation (R + D + i) within the framework of Image Diagnosis.

Grupo CreuBlanca in Figures





The Voice of the Healthcare Group

The creation of Los Helpis de CreuBlanca and their unique way of expressing themselves, has managed to convey sweetness, closeness and care; and they have inspired empathy of the audience.

Los Helpis symbolize the spirit of the house

The truth is that the characters of Los Helpis are very clear about their mission and work in the world: look after, help and protect people. So, they have come to stay.

One more symbol that represents the great CreuBlanca family, and of course the patients that integrate it must be well accompanied. What do you want to know more about them?

Clínica CreuBlanca Barcelona

Hospital dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Quality medical diagnoses using the most advanced technology in Spain. 24 hour medical emergencies. Specialists in Medical Checkups. In a single morning you will have an assessment of your state of health.

CreuBlanca Tarradellas

More than 30 professionals ensuring your health. The centre is specialized in gynaecology and obstetrics. We have a Rehabilitation centre with the best Medical Rehabilitation and Physiotherapists professionals in Barcelona. Analytical and X-rays without prior appointment.

CreuBlanca Pelai

Your centre in the heart of Barcelona specialized in medical certificates. Check the driver’s license, weapons or boat skipper license in 15 minutes. No waiting lists.

Diagnosis Médica

The best professionals and the most advanced technology in Spain in the heart of Barcelona. All the medical specialities in a single centre.

Policlínica Paracelso Sagasta

Quality private healthcare with more than 65 years’ experience as professionals in the field of advanced diagnostic technologies, medical check-ups and early detection of diseases.

Centro Diagnóstico Paracelso Sagasta

The best professionals and the most advanced technology in Spain in the heart of Barcelona. All the specialities in a single centre.

centro diagnóstico teletest

Clinical laboratory Teletest

Laboratory of clinical analysis, pathological anatomy, industrial microbiology, instrumental techniques and water analysis.