Corporate Social Responsibility

The Fundación CreuBlanca, created in Barcelona in 1995, promotes its activity in different lines of work.

  1. Participation and collaboration in projects that promote healthy lifestyle habits.
  2. Health education and training.
  3. Scientific Research, Development and Innovation (R + D + i) within the framework of Image Diagnosis.

The CreuBlanca health brand has an economic fund to promote these practices. The largest contribution was found in 2018, where € 100,000 was added exclusively to the foundation.

A part of this fund has been invested in the investigation of the results of Artemis, the only robot in Spain for performing prostate fusion biopsies, to help improve the quality of life of patients undergoing cancer treatments.

Likewise, with the aim of promoting scientific knowledge, a series of periodic educational and informative activities are carried out to promote the involvement and creation of a community of knowledge among medical and health professionals within the territorial scope of the autonomous community of Catalonia. An example of this are the Clinical Sessions, monthly meetings in which news or advances are presented and discussed within the framework of a specific medical speciality.

In addition, the foundation persuades them to encourage their medical specialists to create and organize courses for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. We highlight the X Focus of Creu Blanca Cardiac Imaging in collaboration with Canon Medical and the Focus program, focused on Computerized Tomography and Cardiac Magnetic Resonance, with presentations by relevant scientific authorities, among others.

It should be added that the Fundación CreuBlanca collaborates annually with the ASPASIM Foundation in the organization of the Solidarity Mile, a career aimed at integrating people with mental disabilities.

Furthermore, it has also collaborated for several years with the Institut Guttmann, a non-profit organization that promotes and encourages the rehabilitation and social reintegration of people affected by spinal cord injury, brain damage or other neurological disability.